Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Magic! - Near Undiscovered Wonder

Monday Magic...Winter!













Introducing my 15th installment of my new weekly feature, Monday Magic! These sellers all share something special... Fabulous work! Yet, somehow like many sellers on Etsy are wondering where all their admirers are! So this is where I feel it's time to showcase the undiscovered talent of Etsy, on Monday each week so they have a chance to shine like the best of Etsy do :)

All of the sellers names can be typed into the navigation bar on your browser followed with "" (dot etsy dot com) to take you to their stores. Otherwise click on an image to go directly to their listing!

I am now taking requests for next weeks Monday Magic Expo. If you would like to be a part of it, you are required to have less that 20 sales in your Etsy store, and the theme is Beginnings (white items)! Contact me via convo @ to send in your requests, plus a link to your suitable item :)

Have a fab week!

moonangelnay xxx

Sunday, December 6, 2009

SUNDAY... Coffee and Cake

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
weekly musings, articles and mostly babble...

Puppies! Hello! Oh my goodness, I have had a mental couple of weeks. I don't know if I said before but I have had a partner in crime when it comes to pregnancy and 2 weeks ago she had her babies! SEVEN of them!!!! Thank goodness she's a doggy that's all I can say lol! but WOW! What an experience! I was out with my partner and son when I first heard the news. Specifically standing under a doorway in the middle of the city center eating a cheese and onion pasty when my mum called me to t
ell me "Sascha" was in labour! I had been asked to assist the birth you see so after wolfing down my lunch I had
to speed back to the car and make a move, yet before we even properly got going she called me back to say the first had been born! We were so excited, and knowing how big Sascha was we knew we had to get to my mums as fast as possible so not to miss the rest although the boys weren't going to join in on the spectacle so they just dropped me off. Unfortunately after I arrived it was another 2 and a half hours before puppy number 2 was born! couldn't believe it! And to top it off she was still massive so we knew there were more.... 6 hours later and all 7 had popped out! What a girl! And I moan about the trouble I have carrying one! LOL! Well I must say I felt very privalaged that Sascha allowed me to be "midwife" and very hands on at her birth, considering dogs are very private and protective at that stage. Poor thing had a terrible life prior to being rescued by my mum. She's still a puppy herself, under a year old and has seen abuse no one should see so early in their life at the hands of her previous owners and who knows who else. I think that may be why she was glad of the support, which has been a moving thought for both myself and my mum. Bless her. Well this is the reason I've not been so attentive to the blog, as being the more dog savvy I have been making frequent visits to assist my mum and advise too when it has come to the pups and their mum! Anyways I'll post their progress over the weeks for those that are interested! For now I'm off to play with my lil boy :)

Moonangelnay x