Saturday, June 25, 2011

NeoVictorian Steampunk Splendor from Poisongarden

Woo It's Saturday! Hi all! Hope your weekend is going well :) Mine has been rather wet so far but hey, my garden is happy and I don't have to run about with the hose (score!). So more time to catch up with a few things :) I am featuring this awesome gothic inspired jewelry from a collaboration of artists in the shop known as Poisongarden today! Enjoy!

So here are the lovely workings of Melissa, Crystal, and Suzette!

BESTeam Mosaic
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Melissa, Crystal, and Suzette from Lafayette, IN USA all have a shared interest and passion in the more edgy side of the romantic genre, which reflects so beautifully in their handmade/vintage jewelry and accessories. I love the fact that they also bring new life to vintage pieces, making the old into something to be rediscovered as something fresh!
Their shop consists of gorgeous NeoVictorian/Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic inspired pieces from handstitched ribbon and beaded jewelry to hats and other cool things to adorn in your hair. I am peronally absolutely in love with their ribbon chokers and the gothic skeleton key necklace set. How awesome would they look with a beautiful corset?! Their work is unique, and whimiscal making your purchase extra special be it for yourself or for gifting someone you care about :) If you are interested in custom work then they are happy to take on board your preferences! Just get in touch with them in their store!
Being a part of the BESTeam they also take part in featuring other members of our fab team so don't forget to checkout their blog where you can also find more about them and a great portfolio page full of what they do :)
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Blog Hop, Skip and Bubbles...

The long awaited...

... 1st birthday images are here! and the even longer awaited BLOG HOP returns! Scroll down to add your links!

I had been floating around the shops today (I could almost say quite literally) after spending a long morning going over shop listings and changing things AGAIN, looking for some inspiration for my sons birthday party when not only did the awesome idea come to me down the pink princess aisle of Toys r Us (and no it won't be pink... he'd NEVER forgive me LOL), but I remembered about the pictures I wanted to post for my daughters party in May!

I finally got a card reader for my DSLR so all the images are on the PC and safe... for now... *she says in hope* So yes! I have just a small selection here of the kids, cakes and other things I enjoyed making/admiring the most that day :)

Yey cards!

My recycled gift bag flowers! I still have some on the walls they're that AWESOME!

Cupcake preparations!

THE Cake :)

Happy siblings... for once lol!

Hope you enjoyed the pics :)

Now... hopping!


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Studioahimsa Stationary and Prints

Hi everyone, apologies for the lateness of this weeks BESTeam feature. I don't want to have to go into too many details but I've had a few things I've wanted to do this week before going through a string of hospital appointments for the rest of this month. So I am behind of course and trying to catch up with everything!

So for this week I want to introduce the lovely artwork of Greg and Tazim from Studioahimsa!

BESTeam Mosaic
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Greg and Tazim from Vancouver Canada both have backgrounds in design, Greg's forte being in Graphic Design and Tazim in Interior Design with Art History being something shared between them. Their Etsy store is full of awesome sets of gift cards, tags and other stationary. All made on 100% recycled paper and using non toxic inks, these fabulous handmade pieces are not only made with skill and love, but are considerate and economical too! :)
They have a great respect for nature, which is the inspiration behind what they do having drawn their ideas from the beautiful landscapes in Canada and it's natural inhabitants.
I just love the variety of artworks in the store, which for me look like a collective of different styles from all over. Some of my favorites are their gift tags which use a styling I can only liken to that of William Morris which is one of my favorite artists ever! But also I love the two limited edition linocut landscapes. They are done in such a beautiful way that reminds me almost of the orient. So lovely! Yet moving away from the more classic designs, they have an adorable linocut golden robot image which my son has taken a liking to! And for myself I love both the kitchen utensils and the rows and rows of coffee as a more modern favorite!
For more wonderful gift ideas, check out their store!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Scented World of Ancientoils

Hi all! Today I am blushing and can't seem to stop! Please mosey on over to our BESTeam leaders blog to read the wonderful feature she has written for my shop! I absolutely love it!

Now for today I have been introduced to the scented world of Lilly DelValle of Ancientoils!

BESTeam Mosaic
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Lilly has a very interesting background behind the work that she does in her store. Having a degree in metaphysics, and having practiced spirtual healing are part of her impressive itinery for which she also holds certifications of Holistic Healing! Through visiting her store and browsing it isn't hard to see the influence of her work and study in all of her bath salts, mud masks, essential oils, forumlas and other wonderful listings to promote balance of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It's a wonderful thing to be able to involve such knowledge into items we would use each day to aid our states of mind and being, and are very important for without balance we cannot focus, perform or be at our best. My mom has studied crystal healing and the both of us have achieved Reiki 2, so her items are something that I also have a great appreciation for and would enjoy as the perfect relaxation or medicinal healing gift knowing that great knowledge and experience are incorporated into each blend.
From her knowledge of aromatherapy you are able to look into each of her listings and gain new insights into the purpose of each blend, and directions for use including the ingredients individually which she explains very well, and find what is right for you with ease :) Be it anew oil for you oil burner, one of Lilly's gorgeous sounding Nail Formula's or some beautiful bath salts for a well earned soak at the end of a long day you'll find plenty of choice at Ancientoils!
For more wonderful gift ideas, check out Lilly's store!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gorgeous Beaded Jewelry by Plumbeadacious

Well it has been so long since a feature has donned any of the pages of this blog, I had almost wondered whether or not I was ever going to get back into the swing of things. But belated as it is I am glad to reintroduce my weekly BESTeam features and want to begin this week with the amazingly beautiful beaded jewelry of Plumbeadacious on Etsy!

BESTeam Mosaic
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LeAllyson Meyer is the wonderful lady behind Plumbeadacious and hails from Severance, CO, United States. I first had a looky in at LeAllyson's store a day or two ago when first receiving the team email, and my goodness! If I could've gushed about how beautiful her store is then I would have! Still! even a few days late her store is just stunning! beautiful popping colors, and so many shapes and lines that make your eyes want to follow like they are little pathways. Amazing work! I have since taken a peek at her blog which to me shows off LeAllyson's great eye for piecing things together and showcasing joyful colors and beautiful things. I noticed she has a lot of different things from the gorgeous treasury she has recently posted, to posts about lovely fnids and her beautiful Iris flowers. (I miss mine from my old house!). The page itself is like a beautiful garden that had me as compelled to look around like I did in her store. Having read her profiles on both pages it is very evident that she is passionate about her jewelry making craft, having now being making jewelry for 7 years after being introduced to the art of beaded jewelry by her daughter, and has been selling her work for 5 years now. She works with lampwork beads, crystals, Czech glass beads, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones, uses a variety of metals as findings, and also makes beautiful beaded lanyards which I think are so cool for the workplace!
Besides the work itself I just LOVE the way her shop looks, and particularly want to say how great and eye catching her shop banner is. I just cant take my eyes off it the piece captured in the image is so lovely, it just captures everythign about what she does and certainly made me want to look further when first landing in the shop. I would recommend anyone landing here to spend a moment checking out her work, you will definitely fall in love!

For those of you with a passion for handmade, and you have a blog that is in need of a consistant weekly post to drive your traffic and help fellow artisans by doing the same. Come and join the BESTeam!