Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YoursTrulyDear on Etsy

Tuesday - BESTeam Mosaic
weekly shoutout to the dedicated workers that like to help other handmade artists...

YoursTrulyDear on Etsy... I had this grand list yesterday of things I hoped to achieve by the end of the day. Yet alas, it all fell apart by the time I got the little man up to bed, and at that point all I wanted to do was go to bed myself lol!!! But I took the time to have a look at the newly curated BESTeam feature list to see whom I would be showing off to you all today. And I was delighted to be welcomed to a blog and store full of some of my favourite things! Cute kids and crocheted items! Yey!
YoursTrulyDear on Etsy, who calls herself Miss Jess on her blog is a college student (soon to graduate!) from Utah. After visiting her store (this is a team effort shop by the way!), you just can't help but come away smiling. There are waaaaaaaay too many cute pictures of lil ones showing off her work on there, and everything looks great which I'm sure you'll see in the mosaic!
I think she deserves a grand pat on the back for both managing her store alongside college as I know how hard it can be just being a mom and trying to do the same! Her work shows off a very fun and free quality which is expressed with gusto on her Etsy homepage that to me shows that a lot of pride and release comes with being able to do what she loves outside of her "have to do's" of the day! Well worth visiting this store!

And YoursTrulyDear's Blog
... Is a stunningly wonderful blog to both look at and read through. The banner opens the page with the title "The Mundane Adventures Of Miss Jess", yet her adventures hardly give you the impression of the 'feeling' associated with the mundane from the way she writes. Her style of expressing herself in words is very lighthearted, entertaining in many ways and I do believe that this is one of her outlets of release that reflects the fun aspect of her nature in the same way her work does in the shop. So for anything she may consider mundane in her world, she gives you a very positive impression into what may be something of the complete opposite in reality! I always admire when people can look into the mundane or difficult things in their lives and come out of the fray smiling or laughing even. This lady definitely is one of those people! YoursTrulyDear's blog is worth visiting too when you have a moment!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to YoursTrulyDear's listings...

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