Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Sorry For being absent the past week... I do have good reason though...

My Little Girl is here!!! - Meet my little Aayla :)

WELL PHEW!... What a week! it's been a long week and LONG labor, but finally as of Friday my little baby girl arrived naturally, without pain relief on my part (BELIEVE me there was no time!) and both myself and the little squidge are happy and healthy :)

I actually went into labor last Saturday night... yep... allllllllll the way back on the 15th. The reason things didnt progress was mainly the fact that like me generally, my body want to show everyone just how awkward it could be by keeping my cervix posterior up until the last 2 hours LOL! But yes, as of Thursday I found that instead of relying on the dayshift midwives (who by that point were not really sure just what to say to myself and my partner), i took my own initiative of making the darned thing move to an anterior position, and voila managed to finally progress to active labor! Thank goodness for 3G and the wonderous birthing info across the web! It all happened 2 hours after my waters broke so i was glad to have a speedy end to it all... but wow what an experience! One I shall never forget thanks to the amazing night staff that supported me through my best moments and quite pathetic ones too lol :) Baby Aayla arrived into the world on the 21st, and we have been enjoying her cuteness since!

Besides not blogging, I also haven't checked into the Etsy forums nor my other networks including any updates for Handmade Spark the past week, although I hope to have everything back to normal this week. For now you can still catch my previous photography HS posts here:

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x

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