Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Siren


No.25 Here are some of my favourite handmade items, from the kind Etsians that have featured my work in the past week for both my photography store and my baby knits store.

My favorite treasury! 'Poppy Fields' by 'beatknits'


Item - Women's Fingerless Cable Knit Gloves
Etsy Seller - beatknits Knitted Accessories
Treasury East - Poppy Fields

Item - Rosetta Stone Pendant
Etsy seller - JanCramer Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry
Treasury East - The Colors of Autumn

Etsy Buyer - HeavenSent26
Treasury East - Beanie Babies

Item - Mousse Jelly Cake Tuttifrutti Adjustable Ring
Etsy Seller - lechouchou Handmade Milkproof Jewelry From Italy
Treasury East - Lost In Absinthe

Item - Strapless Halterneck Maxi Dress
Etsy seller - AsiaMade2Order Fashion
Treasury East - To You Tonight & Hairy Potter

Item - Gray and Ruby Red Earrings
Etsy seller - PleasureArts Jewelry
Treasury East - PleasureArts Great Shops List Buy And Stay

Item - The Scarlet Poppy 14 Inch Felt Cushion
Etsy seller - JellyToast Handmade Home Accessories
Treasury East - Turquoise And Tangerine

Item - Scarf In Grey Eyed Love
Etsy seller - BabyNest Weaved And Crochet Goods
Treasury East - Silver And Plums

Etsy buyer - SoundCatalogue
Treasury East - My Faery Dream

Item - Tree Art Whimsical Red Hearts Painting
Etsy seller - Hjmart Original Paintings
Treasury East - Textures Of Fall

Item - Vintage Glass Christmas Ornament
Etsy seller - EraExpressions Christmas Ornaments
Treasury - Stars And Stripes

Thanks again for the features everyone :)

moonangelnay x

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